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Residential Design Specializing in Kitchens, Baths & Closets


Your Style, Your Life

As a seasoned and published kitchen and bath designer, I am committed to creating highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art designs that are both detail driven and functional. My objective is to help you create a unique vision and then bring it to life.  The process evolves through an exchange of ideas and suggestions which will help you get in touch with your own personal style and create a design that you can be proud of while accommodating your specific needs.


Balance, Symmetry, Organization

Whether your style is modern, transitional or traditional, 

balance, symmetry and organization are key to designing a beautiful and functional space.  Utilizing every inch of that space in an organized manner that flows efficiently, is my primary goal.  


To The Trade and Homeowner

Even the most talented and skilled professionals hardly have the time to research the latest in bath fixtures and appliances.  My knowledge of the thousands of manufacturers' products creates a design that is both cutting edge and practical.  My services extend to contractors, cabinetmakers, architects, designers and homeowners throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.



From wish list, to preliminary layout options, to floor plan, to elevations, to 3D perspectives - I will create a detailed set of drawings that will enable you to obtain accurate estimates and precisely built cabinetry.


Floor Plan and Detailed Elevations

Prior to the final floor plan, I create a few preliminary layout options showing the different possibilities until we both agree on a final layout. Whether you choose a specific cabinet company or have a custom cabinetmaker complete the fabrication, a detailed set of plans with precise dimensions is essential to proper planning and preventing problems during installation. 


3D Perspectives

At times my clients need a little help visualizing what their new room will look like.  I offer either black & white perspectives or colorized , 3D renderings.   

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